Red wall in Loretto Bay
Green wall in Loretto Bay
Red bird sits atop a cactus
View down a narrow alley in Loretto Bay
Pueblo architecture in Loretto Bay
Spiral Staircase casts a shadow against an ochre wall.
Vine and its shadow against a wall in Loretto Bay
Tiled staircase at night
Palm tree trunk casts shadow against a teal wall.
Light fixture casts shadow against an ochre wall
Details of an outdoor wall with plants in Loretto Bay
Bougainvillea hangs over a path between buildings
Bougainvillea branch against a door in Loretto Bay
Red and turquoise walls create a corner with cactus.
Path to the sea in Loretto Bay
Solitary cactus against a blue-green wall in Loretto Bay
Cactus against austere desert buildings
Bougainvillea casts a shadow on top of a yellow wall.
Red rainspout casts a shadow against a green wall
Door in a red wall in Loretto Bay
Branches creates lace shadow pattern against a wall
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