I am a Seattle-based graphic designer with a slight photography addiction. Having started out life as an abstract painter, the urge to make images—any kind of images—tugs at me daily. The camera has given me a whole new tool set for the making of images. 
My approach to what I shoot is stream of consciousness. There are subjects of interest everywhere I look and my eye is often drawn to scenes where the basic elements of art coalesce into a pleasing gestalt. 
The final image comes from a deeper place. Perhaps because in my first life I was a painter, I love to experiment with different interpretations—to draw out the essence of what I first perceived. There is the reality of the scene and then there is the mood that it evokes. There is also the associations to other mediums like music, dance or poetry. What I am drawn to explore are the qualities of rhythm, space, color, gesture and light.
As I move through the world, my intention is to continuously explore and reinterpret these qualities in the scenes of everyday life that I come across..
If you would like to see my work visit my photo essay Inside Lives and my design portfolio at Y Art Works. Prints are available on demand. To inquire, please call or send a message.
206.434.7661  |  send mail

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